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Testimonials – Event Participants

"I got more life changing content in 1 day with Keith Kochner than I did in 4 days with Tony Robbins and at a fraction of the cost!"

Barb Nickell Gomes, Florida
Liz Elliott, Florida

"Everyone should invest in themselves for one day and attend an Exchange with the Mentor Fish or something like it. It's a chance to reflect, evaluate, remove what's not serving you and truly live your GREATEST life. It's a tough world, but each one of us have the power to cause a shift from just surviving to greatness. Biggest take-away - it's always been inside of us - now LIVE it!!"

Barb Nickell Gomes, Florida
Barb Nickell Gomes, Florida

"Keith’s Exchange Event was a breakthrough moment in my life. It was the beginning of throwing off the anchors that had so hobbled me throughout my life."

regina, new york
Regina, New York

"I absolutely loved hearing from you for the third time. Your new material was just as life altering as your Exchange Events! In the last two years I've taken in a lot of your mentorship teachings and I can honestly say that you've changed the way I live my life, the way I "work" in relationships, therefore improving my business and best of all saved my marriage. With one or two sentences of wisdom you delivered me the "gut punch" I needed to realize that most of my "stuff" was MY stuff. The issues at hand were greatly to do with my internal state and old stories, not what I thought was other people lacking ambition, depth, etc. HELLO, Judge Judy (that's what I called myself for a whole year after you gave me my wake up call)! I realized that everything that I thought was lacking in my husband was really just a mirror of what was lacking in ME. I was coming from a place of judgement rather than compassion and completely blind to all of the wonderful qualities in him. To make a long story short, my old stories were causing me to push that which I wanted the most away in order to protect myself from potentially losing it later. In addition, after hearing you speak this weekend on the topic of Deciding to move, I've had a huge awakening! I realize I've been settling. God has called me for so much more than the level I've been operating at and truth be told I've lacked discipline in the last 12 months. Keith, I am so grateful to you and all that you DO , but more so your heart! I cannot WAIT to get started with your 10 week speaking course! Keith Kochner has left me hungry for life!"

Erin, New York

"Thank you, Keith! I cannot begin to tell you the impact you've made on my life, and the incredible freedom and joy that has come from implementing the principles you teach, especially in rewriting stories! And then believing, and acting on them. You, your ministry, and your family (first ministry) are in my prayers!"

Ruth, California

"A year ago if you told me that my life and business was going to change honestly i wouldn't have believed you. My family was struggling and so was my business. I felt like I was stuck in an ongoing tail spin that was absolutely exhausting and had no idea how to make it stop. At our annual retreat i had the pleasure of hearing Keith speak for the first time and it hands down transformed me. When he did a simple but effective exercise on exchanging the stories we tell our selves.. Well, what they say is true what you think about, you bring about.. I have heard Keith speak several times and do his 15 min videos daily. They are one of my non negotiable.. Its difficult to put into words what he has done not only for me in my business but mostly my family.. Like many others we all go through hard times and Keith has showed me to exchange the stories that aren't serving me and only I have the ability to change them. I now know know the bigger the battle, the greater the reward. It's really hard for me to put into words how listening to Keith speak and doing Mentorfish has done for me, what i can say is that it has truly saved me and my family.. Thank you Keith for all that you do and believing in your dreams!"

Amy, Ontario

"As I look back over my life at the people who have impacted me the most, Keith is at the top of that list. Keith's message hits the core of the issues that keep us from living our greatest life. This message isn't for just a few, and it doesn't matter someone's background or life experiences. I've watched his teachings transform many different lives around me. About 4 years ago my husband and I got to experience one of Keith's Exchange Events and it literally changed our life. I believe it literally saved our marriage. Of all the books I've read and seminars I've been to, nothing has had a more profound influence for positive change than that event and the continued mentoring through Mentorfish. The thing is, we can learn a lot anywhere, but Keith gives us the tools to actually make the shifts in our lives that we are so desperate to make. As I have learned and still am learning to make an "Exchange" I have been set free of what has held me back for so many years. I am forever grateful that Keith Kochner crossed my path and that I was able and am still able to sit under his mentoring. I am better, my relationships are better, my children are better, my business is better, my future is better."

Jennifer, Florida

"Keith Kochner, is founder of Mentorfish, and mentors and interviews VERY SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs of a multitude of industries. If you have ever been STUCK in life, work, whatever, or know someone who has been, check this out and then share it. You might just change someone else's circumstances for the better and isn't that what it's all about? When we change a life, we change the world!!"

Megan, Virginia

"His passion for helping others to live their fullest lives and to their greatest potential is invigorating. You could feel the energy flowing through the room as he engaged his audience throughout the day. I have started putting many of the practices I learned in place so that I can be where my goal is to be in 36 months."

Sarah, Ohio

"Before I attended this seminar I really had no expectations. To be honest, I had purchased the ticket way back in the beginning of October and never really thought about it. I knew that my (Arbonne) friends HIGHLY recommend this workshop and at the time really encouraged me to go. I love listing to motivational speakers so I was in! Little did I know how much Keith’s seminar would impact me positively and dig down deep into the not so positive “foundation cracks” that stem from my younger years. It made me realize that I thought these events were repaired, but now I realized they really just had a bandage on it, and haven't completely healed. During the morning I sat back and enjoyed the words of wisdom gifted to me from Keith. My mind set was more like, “Well isn’t he nice and motivational…just like all the other seminars, workshops etc. that I have been too. Same motivation, desires, and real true sincerity to “help our lives”. However, it was not until after lunch when we started discussing our foundation and the statistics and facts Keith had to support his theory (if you will) about our (in my opinion) self-sabotage. I often wondered why I could feel like I have “moved on” from a “negative story” only to have it creep back into my life and beliefs. Keith has given me the tools I needed for many years to LITERALLY change that core belief I had in a negative story and now have the full confidence that I have the ability to find the good in that experience and change it into a “good Story”. Thus, building a strong foundation. I have even found myself sharing (well, lets face it I can’t stop talking about it) with others my experience Yup, Cliche maybe, but it was life changing!"

Laura, Alberta

"By attending the Super 1 Day Exchange I continue to learn more about exchanging stories that are not serving me and replacing them with a story that will make a positive impact on my life. The knowledge I have gained from Keith over the past five years is absolutely 100% priceless. I will continue to invest in myself and be a member of Mentorfish as long as it is around. What Keith shares at his trainings and on the 15 minute moments each day has changed my life, built broken relationships and taught me to leave my past out of my present so it does not poison my future. I am so grateful for Keith and the knowledge he shares from his experiences in life and how he became who is he today! God is using him in such an incredible way! #sograteful"

Maxine, Michigan

"I, again, enjoyed my day learning with Keith. I attended the 2 day exchange event in Michigan a year ago, and thought this would be valuable, in a reinforcement kind of way. I was surprised at the new things I heard, felt and took away with me. I am looking forward to the changes that will come in my life as I apply what I have learned. I have reflected greatly on true abundance in my life this last year- what that means to me and where I have been. After the event last week, I see that I am ready to get to the real work of stepping into my greatness. Which, will only be "work" until it becomes my lifestyle. I've heard and read different variations of this for years- but Keith speaks it so real and true. And makes me believe that I can do it. It's not fancy- it's actually simple. Just not the "easy road" I revert back to so often."

Michelle, Michigan

"Yea, I thought it was awesome. This is my second event. We didn't go over our TUG or more in depth of the 5 keys to living an abundant life. Last year, learning about our TUG was eye opening. My partner came with me and it would had been more impactful when Keith explains it. I know I can go into the archives, but its really a different experience in person. Mentorfish has changed my life and how I go about my day. Going to the exchange event is like going on vacation. I wish it were longer and I don't want to go home. LOL I know when I leave the event, its time to get back into the real world and apply what I learned. I hope Keith does come back every 6 months and I fully intend to bring more people with me. Everyone needs to experience this event in my opinion."

Sophia, Illinois

"It was a GREAT day. I've attended 2 exchanges and have seen Keith twice in Greenbay and this was my favorite Keith experience. One of the reasons is that for the first time I really saw someone challenge Keith in the room and the way he handled that exchange was so masterful and respectful of both the attendee and the rest of us that I was truly impressed. At no time did Keith cede his power to the attendee who was trying to argue with him, but he did give the guy space to be heard and used what he was saying and the way he was saying it as a teaching moment for all of us, and he circled back to the guy who ultimately I think felt heard and respected. Keith is truly a master of teaching and leading a room and I was so grateful to witness him and to learn from him. I also just really always get so much from the exchange experience."

Melanie, Illinois

"I'm really happy that you have emailed me in regards to giving some feedback on Wednesdays event. I dont think i had ever heard the term "personal growth" until a few years ago when my friend Tiffany Dowhan had started talking to me about it. I didn't think i would be "one of those people" to attend events like Keith's and it have any impact on me. I was wrong! There was so much information given on Wednesday that I didn't leave that event feeling like i could conquer the world that evening I actually left feeling really exhausted, more than usual and I think its because I felt like his presentation covered so much that you really need some time afterwards to process the information given. I have not stopped thinking about last Wednesday, every day. I have gone through so much in all different sections of my life and his event made me think of them differently than I had before."

"I went to Keith Kochners event with the expectation i would take a lot of what he had to say and put it into my business with Arbonne but in that moment I used it with things to do with my family for the most part and as the week goes on I've started putting the things he said into how i can use it for my business."

"Keith said "You will never be able to live the greatest life if you cannot forgive" and this is so true because I do not get along with my in laws because they were so hurtful to me and instead of forgiving them for myself not for them but for me I held onto it and it made me incredibly sad and miserable and then I'm sure it gave them more of a reason to not like me because I hated spending time with them and I'm sure they could tell and I am not that person but I was around them, I didn't want to do anything with them so when Keith said you will never live your greatest life it just clicked and he's very right I wont live my greatest life, the one i deserve because i'm holding onto that. When he gave us the chance to write down the names of the people we needed to forgive I really took advantage of that and wrote each one of their names because I need to get over that I just didn't know how to or when I ever would. That quote almost makes me feel thankful that they put me through that because its making me grow as a person and I really have no choice but to grow because I can sit in my living room being upset about something that is NEVER going to change because it has already happened or I can forgive them for me and move on to the next chapter and take something from those events."

Keri Lynn, Alberta

"I had a great experience at the Super 1 Day Event! Through the experience I realized more than ever that I am responsible for my future."

Diana, Nebraska

"I can't even put into words what the event with Keith has done for me-absolutely life changing and yet so simple! Choosing to let go of old stories and re-writing the tape playing in my head...absolutely masterful! I am so excited to use this and I can't wait to get connected with mentor fish."

Jodi, Michigan

"This was my first experience!! I walked into the event feeling lost, discouraged, and I had decided that this would be my final event...ever...I was on the verge of quitting my business, quitting my degree that I've been working on for years, and quitting my marriage. By the time the event was over I felt encouraged, I decided to give my business one more try, I decided to continue on with my degree and I decided to stop feeling like i have to always be right in my marriage (Thanks Keith!!). Now I feel grounded, hopeful and I have direction. I think I'm going to have the best year of my life in 2016!! I can't say enough about the Super 1 Day Exchange Event with Keith Kochner!! It was spectacular!! He was spectacular!! I can't wait to attend another and bring family and friends!! "

Joyce, Illinois

"For me, the Exchange had a lasting impression, not only have I implemented the tools I became more aware of, but because Keith made it so simple to catch these life principles, I have been able to mentor others and give them some of the same tools that I received from Keith. Here’s why The Exchange works, Keith shares a complete picture by reminding us to think about what we want, reminding us about the challenges we’ll find in the gap (the place between where we are and where we are destined to be) and showing us how to eliminate the gap. #everydaymatters"

Valerie, Florida

"Words cannot express the experience I had at your Super One Day Exchange event in NJ yesterday, Keith! I am a devout daily 15 minute Mentorfish moment watcher, avid Mentorfish archive watcher, quarterly challenge and Addicted to Greatness boot camp participator... BUT ITS A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL /THING SEEING YOU LIVE! Wow! The energy and passion you brought and gave to us never wavered from the moment we stepped into the room to the moment we left. You are an amazing human being and servant leader."

Belinda, New Jersey

"The Super 1 Day exchange in Chicago was everything and more that my partner and I needed it to be; both in our business and personal lives. I have been a MentorFish member for 2 months now and I look forward to my email every morning for that 15 minutes of wisdom from Keith. My partner didn't quite "Get It" but now we speak the same language after attending the event. We are able to speak much more openly about anything and everything. The exchange event is Much More than an exchange of time and money. I feel it is an exchange of your mindset and concepts of how to deal with life and everything it has to offer. His teachings and prevention strategies are so simple to incorporate into my hectic life. For once in my life, my life is balanced where it needs to be and growing and prospering into something Amazing! I Love Waking Up and working on my greatness everyday. I highly suggest getting your butt to one of these events. You will not disappoint yourself."

Jenna, Wisconsin

"Jason and I would like to sincerely thank you for your guidance and the life changing experience that we share with yourself and others…This course was the most liberating experience along with a big wakeup call for us both..because of you, we are now ready to stand on the line to play the game of life how we want to play it…Thank you for sharing your one special day in the year to help us"

Karen, Australia

"The Super 1 day Exchange Event with Keith Kochner was one of the single most powerful events of my life. It opened my head and heart to alternatives I didn’t realize existed. I have printed so many quotes from that day and have them hanging in my office, bedroom and workout space at home. Keith helped me connect the dots and acknowledge voids that I didn’t want to admit were real in my life. He gave me the tools to address these and live a life of fulfillment and abundance. I am forever grateful that I attended this event and had the opportunity to meet Keith."

Brandi, North Dakota

" I was fortunate enough to attend one of Keith's events and my life will never be the same! Instead of feeling like I was attacked and that it's all my responsibility and I need to get it together and stop whining in order to make a change I was empowered by Keith as he made me understand that there is greatness already inside of me waiting to be utilized and that I have the power to change the way I feel and view things which will lead to positive results in my life. I now understand that when something happens it's up to me to decide how I feel and what that situation will mean in the scheme of things because I have the power! I feel uplifted positive and ready to take on the world! Mentor fish has since helped keep up that motivation and positive thinking and I am forever grateful!"

Racheli, New Jersey

"That first Exchange changed my life. Because of that Exchange - I started work to repair the foundation. Because of that work I am more self-aware and reach out to those that can help. Because of your Mentorfish Moments, I stay grounded daily. Because of your teaching I am able to share lessons with others and work towards living my greatest life. Because of you, my life has been changed for the better. Thank you."

Jen, Indiana