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Testimonials – Industry Leaders

"Keith is a powerful, dynamic speaker who is changing lives!  In order to facilitate the growth of another person, you cannot just inform the mind, you must touch the heart.  When you touch hearts, you move people to action and create change!  Keith has the unique ability to do this!  He is a man of great character, leadership, integrity, and faith; all are qualities which form the foundation of his motivational messages and training."

regina, new york
Mo Anderson Vice Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner Keller Williams Realty

"Of the finest speakers and trainers I have had the opportunity to experience in the past decade, Keith Kochner is brilliant and solidly at the top of my list. Keith Kochner’s delivery is exceptional — it always grabs you and reaches you deeply; his messages are clear, direct, and profoundly transformational; and yet he is somehow, even in his amazingly strong presentation, utterly warm and caring. If you have a mind to help people get better, I would suggest that today, Keith Kochner is the one to listen to and study. He is beyond ‘speakers’ and ‘trainers.’ He is a life experience."

Shad Helmsetter Speaker and Best Selling Author of What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

"One word comes to mind when I hear Keith Kochner’s name…GIFTED!  His heart to serve audiences and his ability to help people unlock their Greatness is unmatched in the speaking industry today.  Anyone who has heard Keith speak knows they have just been touched by one of the best there will ever be!"

Rita Davenport Award-Winning Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

"In working with Get Motivated Seminars, I’ve heard and spent time with some of the best speakers in the world. Rudy Giuliani, Ken Blanchard and Zig Ziglar just to name a few. When asked for recommendations or endorsements, I’m very selective. In working with Keith Kochner over the years, he has proven to be someone I will endorse without hesitation. His ability to move an audience to action in the attainment of a goal or to convey a point is unmatched in the industry!"

HENRY PENIX CEO Zomm, International Speaker and Author

"One of the top rising speakers is my friend, Keith Kochner. He is a dynamic communicator whose ability to connect with audiences comes from a very unique power of authenticity. Keep your eye on him – he is on his way to becoming one of the greats!"

CHRIS WIDENER Author of The Art of Influence and Founder of www.WidenerLeadership.com

"To say that Keith Kochner is dynamic, engaged and charismatic would only be part of an accurate description of him. Keith has tremendous integrity and truly cares about his students and audience achieving success. He is “all in” and will touch your heart with his genuine warmth."

SHARON LECHTER Co-Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad & Think And Grow Rich

"Our team still talks about the call you did, and the retreat you did. You’re so awesome! That retreat was one of my greatest memories!"

SARA ROBBINS Direct Sales Industry Seven Figure Top Income Earner

"Keith and I go way back…I knew him before he was ‘anybody’ but the moment I met him I knew he would be the ‘somebody’ he is today! What I love about Keith the most is he still doesn’t know he is a 'somebody' so don’t tell him!"

DAVE MARTIN Dr. Dave Martin, America’s #1 Christian Success Coach

"I don’t consider myself to be a “prophet”, but I did tell my close friend Keith Kochner almost a decade ago that one day he would be a world-wide leader in the area of mentoring on the subject of leadership.  The evidence is in and that obviously has proven to be true!  Not only does Keith have the understanding, but with his God given gift of public speaking and ability to convey a message, he is one of the Nation’s leaders in doing so.  Wherever Keith is keynoting or doing one of his events, GET THERE to experience his uniqueness and effectiveness…trust me you will thank me!"

GARY RICHARDSON Trial Attorney and Founding Partner of RRBK Law Firm

"I have a very short list of trainers that I allow access to my organization.  Keith Kochner is at the top of that list.  Keith has the extraordinary ability to connect deeply, moving people in a profound way.  He lives and walks his talk, and shares stories from his own experience. This helps people relate, and gives them the skills and ongoing support through Mentorfish, to grow and succeed in every area of their life.  Keith is wise beyond his years, and I’m grateful to expose him to the leaders in my business."

DONNA JOHNSON Direct Sales Industry Seven Figure Top Income Earner

"Keith Kochner is one of the most impacting and influential speakers I have ever heard!  He doesn’t just speak at audiences…he moves audiences!  We have shared the stage together many times and I actually consider him to be one of my Mentors when it comes to speaking."

BILL BARTMAN CEO Commercial Financial Services II